California Blonde™ II Acoustic Instrument Combo

Model ::   446000       Series ::   Acoustic ( View Series )

$ 1,149.99MSRP*
A long-awaited update for an SWR® favorite! The California Blonde II™ is designed to meet and exceed the changing needs of acoustic instrumentalists of all styles! Great for live work, solo gigs, stereo monitoring, non-P.A. sound reinforcement, the two-channel, 200-watt California Blonde II gives you the tone of the original SWR California Blonde a longtime market favorite with additional new features including a 1/4 low Z balanced input, mic input phantom power, upgraded power amp circuitry, a tuning mute switch, reverb defeat switches for each individual channel, dedicated XLR outputs for each channel, summed channel 1/2 1/4" line out, and superior patching and signal-routing capabilities. Smooth looks and warm, rich tone make it the ideal amp for acoustic instruments of all types!
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